Who Can Write An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

If your pet is part of your at-home therapy plan for chronic stress, depression, or anxiety, you can get an approval to keep your pet in your rental home, even if your landlord has a ‘No Pets Allowed’ policy in force. All you need to do is have an emotional support animal letter, also known as an ESA letter, stating that your pet is part of your therapy plan. Under the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988, you are legally entitled to keep an emotional support animal on the premises regardless of your rental housing terms, as long as you supply your landlord or property owner with a certified emotional support animal letter. If this is something that you could benefit from, you will need to have your physician or another medical professional provide you with this documentation.

Who Is Qualified To Write An ESA Letter?

Any primary care physician or medical professional can write an ESA letter for you. If for some reason your own physician refuses to write the statement for you, there are other options that you can consider. A therapist or psychologist treating you for mental health issues such as depression, chronic stress or anxiety can provide you with a certified letter to present to your landlord or property owner. You can also find physicians online who are capable of providing you with a travel letter, temporary housing letter or a permanent housing letter for a fee.

What Are The Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

emotional support animal letterThis type of letter can help you out in a number of ways. If you currently live in rental housing or are planning to move to a rental community that does not allow pets indoors, you can still keep your pet and live wherever you want when you have a certified ESA letter. The Fair Housing Amendment Act protects you, and your emotional support animal, from having to relocate because the animal is there for health reasons. If you choose to go online and purchase an ESA letter from a certified physician, you can choose to buy a letter that is good for a temporary amount of time, or one that is permanent. You can also be approved for a travel letter that will allow you to take your emotional support animal along with you on planes, trains, ships and other modes of transportation while you are away from home.

Dealing With a Bad Landlord

Everyone prays, hopes, and wishes to have a good landlord. Such details are never presented to you when you are renting out a house. It is only after some time that you realize that your landlord is actually a handful. You may realize that they have a hobby of making noise even after small mistakes. Others will keep changing the rules of engagement to the point that living in an apartment becomes hellish. Some others will be causing conflict between the tenants out of their wrong comments and gossip. How do you just deal with a bad landlord? Well, these tips can help:

  • Go through your lease well before signing it

Probably you have been going through a hard time with the landlord because you never read the lease agreement. Probably you never checked the points where you were limited as to how much noise you can make during the day or night. Maybe you did not review the parts where you were not allowed to have pets or visitors at certain times of the night. You need to review this lease of agreement well, checking out the additional fees, the restrictions and implications of wrong doing.landlord

  • Always pay your rent

Your landlord may never make any noise so long as you faithfully pay your rent on time. Sometimes you may have been fighting for no reason, and paying your rent will bring the peace and quite you have always yearned for.

  • Respect everyone

If you need to be respected, then it is also important that you respect everyone; whether it is the landlord or the tenants. Communicate in such a way that the landlord will not have a chance to throw a bad word at any time. Seek for their permission even when you feel that you are entitled to things in the premises. This way, you will always be on the good side of the landlord, and you may even get away with some things easily just because you show respect to them. After all, it is their premises, and you need to respect that fact.

  • Always have your records well kept

Probably you have this landlord who loves to claim that you have not done things that you are very certain you have done. What you need to do is to keep records. Next time they start talking and accusing you of some of these things such as lack of rent payment, just produce the records and you will avoid some of the headaches.

  • Be the peace maker

Do not be the type to cause conflict between you and the landlord. Rather, be the one to search for the solution. Be the hero even when you feel that the landlord is stepping on your toes and try to find out whether there can be peace amidst of struggle and conflict.

When All Said and Done

When you have done all that you can, and the landlord seems to be on your case every time, then it is time to vacate. There are many good landlords in your area, and loosing some amount of money for the sake of peace is always worthwhile.

How to Overcome Anxiety

Everybody gets anxious at some point in time. Probably it is waiting for some results or maybe you are about to see someone you have not seen for a long time. However, there are some people who get anxious at all times, and it is never a good thing for their health. Such anxiety can lead to life threatening health conditions. It is therefore important to learn about how to overcome it.

Ways of Dealing with Anxiety

There are several ways of overcoming anxiety, some of which include:

  • Recognizing signs of anxiety

There are several things that indicate to us that we are becoming very anxious. You may realize that your heart is beating very fast or that you are very confused. Some other people will start talking too much and making statements that do not make any sense. If you need to overcome anxiety, you should recognize all these signs and hence go to the next step of trying to find a solution.

You should also want to make a list of what actually makes you afraid. You can find facts and start researching on those things, making you anxious. Take your time and think clearly why you may have been anxious and how this has developed to the point where you cannot face the problem. This of course should be done in a relaxing environment; probably far away from home or the familiar environments

  • Face your fears

There are certain things that make us very anxious. Probably you are afraid of someone or certain news. You need to face that fear with the help of a professional. You can talk to the person or get all the facts concerning a situation. With time, you will realize that whatever you were afraid of was actually not as bad as you thought of it. You could talk to the person causing anxiety and tell them what you feel and why they should not do certain things. You can watch or observe a certain situation until you become used to it. This is obviously best done with the help of a professional counselor or a therapist.

  • Take a deep breath

Breathing can actually make you less anxious. If you realize that you cannot avid a certain situation that brings anxiety and fear, the first thing you need to do is to take a deep breath even before you speak or do anything else.

  • Have a positive attitude

More often than not, you are anxious and in constant fear because you are always the thing that wrong things will happen after an event. You may want to look at life differently and start thinking of all the beautiful things that can come as a result of a situation. Find a way of thinking about all situations in a positive way. Always adopt the attitude that it could have been worse that it already is.

The Bottom Line Is-

Anxiety can be overcome if you take the stapes listed above. You may want to walk with a professional or a support group and with time, it will be possible to deal with the whole problem.

Why Do They Call Dogs Man’s Best Friend?

Out of so many animals in the jungle, it is only a dog that has been called a man’s best friend. Why is this so? Is it true or just a mere statement? Well, here are some insights:

Scientific Reasons

Scientists have taken their time to research and find out why dogs are called man’s best friend. And, they started with the brain. They have found out that dogs respond to the acoustic emotions as the humans do. This is why you will find a dog connecting emotionally well with a human more than any other animal. A dog will even recognize when you are sad while your other pets will go about their business as usual.

man's best friendResearch also indicates that a dog’s brain’s mechanism will process social information in the same way as the humans do. You can easily connect with the dog because it is social and will keep you entertained while other pets just get tired and go about their other businesses. A dog can easily recognize when it is loved, when someone is out to harm it and when one is trying to be friendly among other social aspects.

Interestingly, research shows that dogs respond to some noises in the same way as humans. This is why they are able to hear the noise of the predator and hence protect the human in a way that other pets cannot. Further, it becomes easy to tame a dog than other animals because they will easily respond to the noises we make while taming it.

The Role They Play

Dogs play a multiple of roles in our homes and outside our homes. Firstly, they will be the first to welcome you when you get home. They wag their tails as you enter the gate or a house and rub their bodies against you. Secondly, they are left in the cold guarding our homes when we take a nap during the night. They will bark at the unfamiliar people and make noises that make us know that everything is not well.

Thirdly, dogs are the companions of the majority. The sick people find dogs very worthy companion because they social and emotionally available for them during their trying times. You will even walk with a dog and in the process exercise in an interesting way. Lastly, more often than not, people play with dogs more than with any other animal. You will find children playing with these animals as opposed to cats and other pets.

Our Faithful Companions

Dogs are always happy, ask for little in return and offer their services whole heartedly. You will find a friend in a dog more than in many other human friends that surround you. They are faithful companions to the young, the old, the sickly and the middle aged. They sense what is going on more easily than your friends and other pets. It is for all these reasons that everyone should take care of their dogs by grooming them and feeding them well.

When to Know You Need Psychological Help

Life is unpredictable. There is no guarantee that you will not need to see a medical practitioner at some point in time. In particular, you may need to see a psychologist in some instances after going through trying moments in life. These medical practitioners help us to remain in perfect mental health regardless of our health state.

The biggest issue is not whether we need a psychologist. Rather, it is in knowing whether you need to see one. Many people go through life not understanding whether they need to see a psychologist. As a result, they are not as productive as they ought to be. When you see the psychologist in good time, there is chance that you will heal quickly and become healthy once more. Waiting until the issues get out of hand can lead to more issues in life including depression, high blood pressure and heart attacks.psychological help

Signs You Need a Psychologist

Here are some signs that you need to see a psychologist:

  • Everything seems to be falling apart

When all your circumstances seem to be mountainous, then it may be time to see a psychologist. You may be overcome by anger and sadness on a regular basis. Even when some challenge presents its way, you are unable to deal with it and assume that the worse case scenario will happen to you. When all these seem to happen regularly, then it is time to see a psychologist.

  • Unexplained illnesses

You may be experienced headaches from time to time and cannot point at the real cause of the issue. Other times you may be having insomnia or even constipation and other symptoms. If the doctors confirm that you are in perfect physical health. Then it is time to find psychological help. Stress or depression can cause some of these symptoms and it is wise to visit a psychologist as soon as you experience them.

  • Substance abuse

If you cannot function without a particular substance, then it is wise to visit a psychologist for a check up. Some people resort to using alcohol while others use other drugs such an anti-depressants and opiates.

  • Lack of productivity

If your performance levels at work or home have drastically worsened, then it is time to get psychological help. You may be going through a mental problem or fatigue which may affect your levels of performance at work or home. If your employees and family members are constantly complaining about your performance, you should see a psychologist.

  • You have no social life

If at some point you were once a vibrant and a sociable person and this has declined, then you may want to go for check up from a psychologist. Find out if your friendships are strained and how well you are able to connect with the people around you. Your friends can actually comment that you have suddenly withdrawn from your social life, which is an indication that all is not well psychologically.

Finding a Psychologist

It is important to find a qualified psychologist to help you through your trying times. Find a reputable and an experienced professional who can easily diagnose a mental problem and recommend a way forward. They should also be friendly and affordable.